We just don’t design websites, we build websites that SELL. You can count on our website development company for getting your hands on websites that are created with innovation. Our designated panel of website developers loves what they do and they do what is loved by clients all over the world. We provide the best development services to our clients by reinventing all their websites and getting something meaningful out of them. This makes us the top website design company.

The Website Development Process

By integrating text, photos, and sometimes animations, a well-structured and clear website not only improves traffic but also helps visitors comprehend the business, product, or service. As a result, a better user experience aids the company in reaching out to more customers. This is what our website development agency in Delhi follows and is done as

• Information gathering: Garner all the necessary data about the project/business

• Planning : Putting together the gathered information to shape into a site map

• Design: Applying visual elements to strengthen the brand message

• Development: The design is translated into HTML/CSS followed by JavaScript

• Testing: It is tested that all the links are working and how the website looks

• Launch: As soon as the client approves, the website is launched

• Maintenance: Regular steps are taken to maintain the live website

Where Your Imagination Meets Our Creativity

When we think of designing and developing a website, our mind revolves around two main issues- pricing and timing. Our website development agency measures these based on the size and scope of the projects. To fulfill all your imaginations regarding your dream website, we first create a website development timeline to see how much time it is going to take and function accordingly.

Our Website Development Life Cycle

Our website development company in India consists of an experienced team of website developers who function in a specific way. We stick to the following cycle for developing engaging websites for our clients

Purpose, main goals, and target audience: The first step that we take is to take a look into the future purpose of the website, the primary goals that the client wants to achieve with the website, and the potential clients he/she wants to attract with it. Knowing these helps us in curating robust strategies for our clients. This way, we have become the most reliable website development company in Delhi 

  • Creating sitemap and wireframe: Based on the information that we have gathered, our developers create data that gives a glimpse of how the website will look.
  • Page layouts, review, and approval cycle: We integrate all the visual content like photos, videos, and images together to create the website layout. Only when the client is completely satisfied with the layout, do we proceed.
  • Content writing and assembly: Next, we add catchy headlines, edit text, and add whatever information is needed to convey the message to the audience on the website.
  • Coding: This is where we begin to create the website by implementing the framework and CMS and get started with SEO to make the website rank in the search engines.
  • Testing, review, and launch: Everything is checked to ensure they are working smoothly and then uploaded to a server. For this, we use FTP software. Then, the final test is conducted.
  • Opinion monitoring and regular updating: Our developers think a website to be more of a service than a product. Thus, we maintain it even after it is live. Regular updates are checked to ensure that there are no bugs on the website. All of these steps that we carry out make us the top web development company in India.