We at DIGIWIZ understand how it is challenging to convince a voter to vote for you and it takes a lot of exertion and time, of course. Our digital marketing solutions help candidates to reach their target audience at lesser cost equated to that required for traditional marketing.  

Nevertheless, digital advertising during elections can produce a buzz.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been considered as a strong political tool. If your goal is to build an audience of loyal followers and to foster values within these audiences in line with your own hire Digiwiz team of writers and digital marketers for more success.

Mobile APP

Gain the edge against your political rivals by knowing where they have large supporters, allowing you to better place signs, posters, conduct efficient polling and gain more support for election all from smartphone or tablet.


We have different packages and designs available depending on your campaign’s goals and resources. Each site we develop is custom designed, ensuring that your site will be outfitted with latest web best practices.

Display Advertising

Represent yourself and your party, reach qualified voters and reflect your political party agendas while centralizing targeted voters throughout the country. Display advertising through us in one of the most effective ways to increase awareness on the internet.

Social Media

Innovative ideas that connect the mass social media audience. We at Janadhar implements many social media techniques at different social media platforms to make direct connections with the audience.


Engage with country’s young leaders of tomorrow. Make them learn more about politics and get involved so they can channel their energies towards effecting a positive change in the nation.

Pay per Click

Paid Per Click online advertising gives you a clear picture about how much you are getting on your investment. It has also emerged as the fastest means in political industry to reach out to your target supporters and voters.


DIGIWIZ highly skilled and talented team of marketers use real-time technology to deliver the most relevant messages to targeted consumers in order to maximise response of citizens.


You often hear that the world of marketing is changing but through our full-service digital solutions you can promote your campaign online.

  • Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Website Development
  • Audience Engagement
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing

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